30 October 2011

a hint of black

I've been wearing quite a lot of black recently. I'm not really sure why, possibly the imposing winter and changing weather that means it now gets dark at stupid-o'clock getting me in the mood. Anyway, I've recently bought two beautiful new black items perfect for the winter.

The first was in Norfolk, Aylsham I believe, in a charity shop that by some magic I managed to drag my whole family into. It's a black velvet blazer with pink rose embellishments and silver dots scattered across. I really needed a lightweight jacket so when I spotted it, for just £6, I couldn't resist. I also have a pink floaty skirt with beading along the rim that would match beautifully with it, but this seems to wandered off somewhere in the unpacking process..

The second is something I discovered during my afternoon at Cancer Research on Saturday; which I actually enjoyed so much. I was tidying the rails and I noticed it; a sheer black collared shirt with scalloped edge and swirly flowery detail. I've been hankering after something sheer and black for ages, and with a collar I knew at once it was perfect. (I adore collars, as you can probably tell from my Lookbook)

 I'll post some pictures of my wearing them as soon as I find my pink skirt, and also on Lookbook.

Love Ella.

Sheer black blouse, Charity shop, £5
White slip, hand-me-down
Lace ruffle skirt, Zara
Striped tights, Topshop, £8
Creepers, eBay, £42


Back in August, my friends and I met TRIBES at Underage festival; where they gave us free t-shirts, signed them and alluded to offering us free tickets to their next gig...we were even in NME!

A couple of weeks ago, I plucked up the courage to email them about getting on the guestlist to their electric ballroom gig, and they said YES. From the moment the strobes started going when they came on stage, I knew it was going to be a mental night beyond my expectations, and that it definitely was! The atmosphere was amazing and judging by the mad moshing going on, everyone was enjoying the music just as much as I was. They ended their set with We Were Children and I don't think I've ever seen a wilder crowd...we emerged stinking of beer, sweaty, bruised and battered but feeling on top of the world.

Unfortunately, my camera decided to wipe... so the only pictures I have are my friends Prerana's.

Love Ella.

29 October 2011

into the wild

The other day I finally gave in and bought one of those giant baby-grows from Primark...a potentially fatal decision in terms of money management, but after milling over the prospect of lounging around the house in  a furry all-in-one all winter, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. And having spent the last four evenings prowling round like a leopard, I can declare it is decision I have not regretted.

More to the point, my new leopard-print nightwear has really got me in the wild animal mood/tribal/jungle/african/whatever mood, and I recently came across a beautiful necklace that fit in with this just perfectly. For 50p in one of Yarmouth's basically invisible charity shops, it was a brilliant find. 

I also recently bought a pair of fang earrings from Primark that go with this necklace perfectly:
This morning, I realised I have the perfect waistcoat to wear with my new purchases. Previously belonging to my mum's sister, it's been sitting in my 'fancy dress' box throughout my childhood and only recently made it into my wardrobe. 

You can see this look on Lookbook here.

Brown tassel waistcoat- Auntie's
Basic white shirt- Grandmother's
Cream slip- Auntie's
Chocolate brown tights- Mother's tights draw
Necklace- Charity shop, 50p
Earrings- Primark, £2

(as you can tell, most of my clothes I actually steal off other people)

Love Ella.

26 October 2011

little treasures

I'm currently up in Norfolk staying with my cousins, and this afternoon we went into Great Yarmouth to sell some second hand books. For me, this meant charity shop raiding time.

I didn't manage to find any clothes that tickled my fancy, however I did find two gorgeous little figurines to compliment my growing collection.

The first, a Hawaiian girl that, so I was told by the woman in the shop, is made from volcanic ash. At a mere 50p I couldn't resist it; a stunning deep stone grey colour and wonderfully heavy. The Hawaiian necklace is intricately carved and the whole figure is extremely statuesque. 

The second is a golden cherub, lying on its stomach. Once again at only 50p, I found it irresistible. I love buying things like this, knowing how they have a story behind them and how at one point they probably meant a lot to someone. 

Love Ella.

24 October 2011

let's play dress up

Continuing on from my previous post about the two gorgeous masks I discovered, I was inspired to create an outfit around them. This is the first of two, featuring the 'phantom' mask as I like to refer to it as.

I am wearing the aforementioned black shirt; a new purchase, over my black lace bodycon dress, Primark lace tights that have probably seen better days, and my gorgeous creepers from eBay that I was totally in love with from the moment I discovered.

You can see the look on Lookbook here.

Black velvet embellished shirt, Charity Shop, £5
Lace bodycon dress, Newlook, £18
Lace tights, Primark, £2
Creepers, eBay, £42

Love Ella.

23 October 2011

buried beneath the cobwebs

Last night I experienced a random urge to go and raid the attic. After finally working out how to stop the light going off and plunging me into darkness every 30 seconds, I began my digging. 

I was originally looking for a stiff black trilby-style hat (if anyone knows where I can get anything like that greatly appreciated!) and as I  was delving through boxes of dolls clothes, light up pumpkins and stuffed animals, I stumbled across the fancy dress box.

I was enthralled to find, among many other beauties from my early childhood years, two stunning Venetian masks. Funnily enough, the other day I was thinking about these; as I had  recently spotted a breathtakingly beautiful, yet also insanely expensive, full mask of similar demeanor that had reminded me of them. 

I believe they were a present from my grandparents when they went to Venice, and I remember at the time being captivated by their beauty. One is pale blue, with gold glitter swirls around the eyes and a gold and rainbow trim. The other is red, with silver and black glittered pattern and dark silver twirled trim. I feel that they could represent angel and demon, and I am planning on wearing the blue one on Halloween; part of my angel costume (more on that closer to the time).

Here they are:

 Love Ella.

22 October 2011


So yesterday I 'popped' down to Chiswick in hope of securing my volunteering at the Cancer Research (which I was successful with!) and on my walk down Turnham Green terrace, a little local charity shop caught my eye. Interestingly, I thought to myself immediately that I had discovered Chiswick's hidden gem, and I was right.

I was greeted with all sorts of intriguing ornaments; stunning embellished boxes and peculiar china plates, but knowing that all this beautiful pieces, as enticing as they were, were simply not necessary, I dragged myself away and turned to the clothes. Normally, I find it extremely difficult to pick out things I like, but two particular items caught my eye: a thin black shirt patterned with lots of small velvet roses, and a nearly knee length, thick skirt with a baroque style pattern, in air-force blue with golden yellow and orange. 

Already having a good feeling about these, I nipped behind the curtain and tried them on, just to be pleasantly surprised that they looked pretty much as I'd hoped they would on, and felt lovely.

 As I was paying (a beautiful £4 for the skirt and £5 for the shirt) I noticed a rack of earrings behind the counter and asked the man if I could have a look, and to my delight there hung a pair of little, delicate fairies. I was literally in love, and immediately bought them too for an extra £3.  I left feeling invincible.

I am planning on doing a Lookbook with these tomorrow, but until then here are just some close ups of the fabric; what excited me most about the two:

(excuse the quality, I'm no photographer and I'm awaiting Christmas for a new camera)

 Love Ella.

This is what I wore in the end with the skirt:

You can see the look on Lookbook here

Skirt, Charity Shop, £4
Shirt, Dad's wardrobe
Satchel, Vintage, £25
Shoes, Great-grandmother's
Scarf, Grandmothers

(everything I'm wearing begins with S, and that was completely non-intentional!)