22 October 2011


So yesterday I 'popped' down to Chiswick in hope of securing my volunteering at the Cancer Research (which I was successful with!) and on my walk down Turnham Green terrace, a little local charity shop caught my eye. Interestingly, I thought to myself immediately that I had discovered Chiswick's hidden gem, and I was right.

I was greeted with all sorts of intriguing ornaments; stunning embellished boxes and peculiar china plates, but knowing that all this beautiful pieces, as enticing as they were, were simply not necessary, I dragged myself away and turned to the clothes. Normally, I find it extremely difficult to pick out things I like, but two particular items caught my eye: a thin black shirt patterned with lots of small velvet roses, and a nearly knee length, thick skirt with a baroque style pattern, in air-force blue with golden yellow and orange. 

Already having a good feeling about these, I nipped behind the curtain and tried them on, just to be pleasantly surprised that they looked pretty much as I'd hoped they would on, and felt lovely.

 As I was paying (a beautiful £4 for the skirt and £5 for the shirt) I noticed a rack of earrings behind the counter and asked the man if I could have a look, and to my delight there hung a pair of little, delicate fairies. I was literally in love, and immediately bought them too for an extra £3.  I left feeling invincible.

I am planning on doing a Lookbook with these tomorrow, but until then here are just some close ups of the fabric; what excited me most about the two:

(excuse the quality, I'm no photographer and I'm awaiting Christmas for a new camera)

 Love Ella.

This is what I wore in the end with the skirt:

You can see the look on Lookbook here

Skirt, Charity Shop, £4
Shirt, Dad's wardrobe
Satchel, Vintage, £25
Shoes, Great-grandmother's
Scarf, Grandmothers

(everything I'm wearing begins with S, and that was completely non-intentional!)

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