23 October 2011

buried beneath the cobwebs

Last night I experienced a random urge to go and raid the attic. After finally working out how to stop the light going off and plunging me into darkness every 30 seconds, I began my digging. 

I was originally looking for a stiff black trilby-style hat (if anyone knows where I can get anything like that greatly appreciated!) and as I  was delving through boxes of dolls clothes, light up pumpkins and stuffed animals, I stumbled across the fancy dress box.

I was enthralled to find, among many other beauties from my early childhood years, two stunning Venetian masks. Funnily enough, the other day I was thinking about these; as I had  recently spotted a breathtakingly beautiful, yet also insanely expensive, full mask of similar demeanor that had reminded me of them. 

I believe they were a present from my grandparents when they went to Venice, and I remember at the time being captivated by their beauty. One is pale blue, with gold glitter swirls around the eyes and a gold and rainbow trim. The other is red, with silver and black glittered pattern and dark silver twirled trim. I feel that they could represent angel and demon, and I am planning on wearing the blue one on Halloween; part of my angel costume (more on that closer to the time).

Here they are:

 Love Ella.

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