30 October 2011

a hint of black

I've been wearing quite a lot of black recently. I'm not really sure why, possibly the imposing winter and changing weather that means it now gets dark at stupid-o'clock getting me in the mood. Anyway, I've recently bought two beautiful new black items perfect for the winter.

The first was in Norfolk, Aylsham I believe, in a charity shop that by some magic I managed to drag my whole family into. It's a black velvet blazer with pink rose embellishments and silver dots scattered across. I really needed a lightweight jacket so when I spotted it, for just £6, I couldn't resist. I also have a pink floaty skirt with beading along the rim that would match beautifully with it, but this seems to wandered off somewhere in the unpacking process..

The second is something I discovered during my afternoon at Cancer Research on Saturday; which I actually enjoyed so much. I was tidying the rails and I noticed it; a sheer black collared shirt with scalloped edge and swirly flowery detail. I've been hankering after something sheer and black for ages, and with a collar I knew at once it was perfect. (I adore collars, as you can probably tell from my Lookbook)

 I'll post some pictures of my wearing them as soon as I find my pink skirt, and also on Lookbook.

Love Ella.

Sheer black blouse, Charity shop, £5
White slip, hand-me-down
Lace ruffle skirt, Zara
Striped tights, Topshop, £8
Creepers, eBay, £42

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