29 October 2011

into the wild

The other day I finally gave in and bought one of those giant baby-grows from Primark...a potentially fatal decision in terms of money management, but after milling over the prospect of lounging around the house in  a furry all-in-one all winter, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. And having spent the last four evenings prowling round like a leopard, I can declare it is decision I have not regretted.

More to the point, my new leopard-print nightwear has really got me in the wild animal mood/tribal/jungle/african/whatever mood, and I recently came across a beautiful necklace that fit in with this just perfectly. For 50p in one of Yarmouth's basically invisible charity shops, it was a brilliant find. 

I also recently bought a pair of fang earrings from Primark that go with this necklace perfectly:
This morning, I realised I have the perfect waistcoat to wear with my new purchases. Previously belonging to my mum's sister, it's been sitting in my 'fancy dress' box throughout my childhood and only recently made it into my wardrobe. 

You can see this look on Lookbook here.

Brown tassel waistcoat- Auntie's
Basic white shirt- Grandmother's
Cream slip- Auntie's
Chocolate brown tights- Mother's tights draw
Necklace- Charity shop, 50p
Earrings- Primark, £2

(as you can tell, most of my clothes I actually steal off other people)

Love Ella.

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