26 October 2011

little treasures

I'm currently up in Norfolk staying with my cousins, and this afternoon we went into Great Yarmouth to sell some second hand books. For me, this meant charity shop raiding time.

I didn't manage to find any clothes that tickled my fancy, however I did find two gorgeous little figurines to compliment my growing collection.

The first, a Hawaiian girl that, so I was told by the woman in the shop, is made from volcanic ash. At a mere 50p I couldn't resist it; a stunning deep stone grey colour and wonderfully heavy. The Hawaiian necklace is intricately carved and the whole figure is extremely statuesque. 

The second is a golden cherub, lying on its stomach. Once again at only 50p, I found it irresistible. I love buying things like this, knowing how they have a story behind them and how at one point they probably meant a lot to someone. 

Love Ella.

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