21 October 2011

the sun has got his hat on

This morning I went on a bike ride round the park, and I started to really notice things. I mean really notice, rather than simply glancing at them and casting them aside. I've decided this is probably my favourite time of the year. It's neither too cold nor too hot, and the colours are simply breathtaking. Deep red, khaki and gold are everywhere, transforming the world around us into magical place exploding with vibrancy and spirit.

As I pedaled along, soaking up the last of the sun before we fall into a deep snow-caked slumber, I felt the energy of the natural world engulf me. I was mesmerized by the sheer blueness of the sky and the thin wisps of cloud that penetrated it. The way the leaves spiralled to the ground in a whole pallet of striking autumnal colours, like their own little dance. Even the deer seemed to sense it, congregating around their stern-antlered males. The park was completely alive.

Instantly a felt a pang of regret that I hadn't brought my camera, but the moment I got home I went out on the green and tried to capture this vibe I had experienced earlier:

Love Ella.


  1. Your blog is so beautiful!
    And you have such a poetic way with words :')

    Your lookbook is amazing too.