30 October 2011


Back in August, my friends and I met TRIBES at Underage festival; where they gave us free t-shirts, signed them and alluded to offering us free tickets to their next gig...we were even in NME!

A couple of weeks ago, I plucked up the courage to email them about getting on the guestlist to their electric ballroom gig, and they said YES. From the moment the strobes started going when they came on stage, I knew it was going to be a mental night beyond my expectations, and that it definitely was! The atmosphere was amazing and judging by the mad moshing going on, everyone was enjoying the music just as much as I was. They ended their set with We Were Children and I don't think I've ever seen a wilder crowd...we emerged stinking of beer, sweaty, bruised and battered but feeling on top of the world.

Unfortunately, my camera decided to wipe... so the only pictures I have are my friends Prerana's.

Love Ella.

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