30 November 2011

new and old, old and new

Silver shirt, Charity shop
Cape, TOPSHOP, £10 in the sale
Petticoat, used to be my aunties
Peacock earrings, Charity shop
Wedges, Carvela Kurt Geiger

I wear this cape a lot, I love the colour and the shape, but it's never really occured to me to put it with such a shiny shirt before. I'm not really sure if I like it, I suppose it's the massive contrast between the natural earthy tones and the extremely shiny space-ace silver that makes them look quite interesting together...This petticoat I wear a lot just to add length to long shirts usually, I love the pale pink/gold tones and the intricate detail; subtle yet still very pretty. 

I'm also wearing (with my ballet socks from when I was goodness knows how tiny) my new Kurt Keiger suede wedges that I am absolutely IN LOVE with; I've been after a pair of wedges nice simple wedges for ages and I love the Chelsea boot elastic detail and the height they give me... definitely something I could get used to! I don't have a picture of them personally; but I found this on the internet to give you a closer look:

Love Ella.

27 November 2011

Royal Opera House

Last night I went to the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden with my family, to see Manon. It was absolutely spectacular, not a traditional Ballet but equally as captivating and breathtaking; I absolutely adore ballet and just let myself get lost in the magic of it all. The music was as always, beautiful and Kenneth Macmillan's choreography more than did it justice. I especially love watching men dance, the just seem to be so powerful and strong and passionate, I'm determined that one day I'm going to fall in love with the perfect dancer.

During the intervals I was having a little too much fun with shutter lag and waving my camera around in the air, but I think the result is actually quite pretty so I'm going to post a few of the pictures anyway.

 White dress- My auntie's
Beaded yellow lace top- TOPSHOP
Velvet scarf (worn as belt)- Mum's
Embellished blazer- Charity Shop
Scarf- Grandmother's scarf box
Grey wedges- Carvela Kurt Geiger

Love Ella.

20 November 2011

magical mists and christmas spirit

All day today has been weirdly foggy. It's like a magical mist that has shrouded everything, but you can never quite catch up with it because as soon as you get anywhere near it, it just floats away. Kind of beautiful really, if you forget the bitter cold that has come with it. 

I do really love this time of year; Christmas is coming (35 days, as my brother keeps kindly reminding me!) and seems to have taken over absolutely everywhere. Also, we made the Christmas cake today, with the infamous home-compiled Christmas music blaring in the background I felt excited for the first time. I try to resist getting into the spirit until December has actually started- but with all this going on around me, it was too tempting to hold off.

I even felt like dressing Christmassy; pulling out my dad's red paisley shirt. I normally avoid red; it does not suit me in the slightest and I prefer to wear more subtle colours, but also having recently discovered this gorgeous green plaid skirt, it was sort of necessary to wear the classic colour combination of red and green. I have not taken off the brown wooly socks (Topshop sale at £3) since autumn started; they remind me so much of all the browns around at the moment, and the same for the brogues. I tied the scarf round my waist just because I wanted a bow in there somewhere!

 Paisley shirt, my dad's
Plaid skirt, used to belong to my auntie
Brown knitted socks, TOPSHOP
Brown leather shoulder bag, Mulberry
Brogues, were my great-grandmother's
Red scarf- grandmother's scart box

Love Ella.

16 November 2011

droplets of devotion

Suede Skirt, previously my auntie's
Lace textured top, ALLSAINTS
White lace trim socks, Primark
Scarf, grandmother's scart box
Brogues, previously my great-grandmother's
Necklace, DIY

I discovered this skirt the other day, along with a huge pile of gorgeous clothes that used to belong to my mum's sister in the 70s. I had huge doubts about the fit, but was literally over the moon when it fit! I adore suede at the moment (just bought some Kurt Geiger suede wedges ahhh) so it's literally my favourite thing!

Another new thing is the necklace; made out of a picture that belonged to my grandmother, a wooden block and leather strap. I love the mint green/aqua colours and the chunkiness of it. A lot of her religious items have been passed on to me, and they're all wonderful little treasures.

You can see this look on LOOKBOOK here.

Love Ella.