20 November 2011

magical mists and christmas spirit

All day today has been weirdly foggy. It's like a magical mist that has shrouded everything, but you can never quite catch up with it because as soon as you get anywhere near it, it just floats away. Kind of beautiful really, if you forget the bitter cold that has come with it. 

I do really love this time of year; Christmas is coming (35 days, as my brother keeps kindly reminding me!) and seems to have taken over absolutely everywhere. Also, we made the Christmas cake today, with the infamous home-compiled Christmas music blaring in the background I felt excited for the first time. I try to resist getting into the spirit until December has actually started- but with all this going on around me, it was too tempting to hold off.

I even felt like dressing Christmassy; pulling out my dad's red paisley shirt. I normally avoid red; it does not suit me in the slightest and I prefer to wear more subtle colours, but also having recently discovered this gorgeous green plaid skirt, it was sort of necessary to wear the classic colour combination of red and green. I have not taken off the brown wooly socks (Topshop sale at £3) since autumn started; they remind me so much of all the browns around at the moment, and the same for the brogues. I tied the scarf round my waist just because I wanted a bow in there somewhere!

 Paisley shirt, my dad's
Plaid skirt, used to belong to my auntie
Brown knitted socks, TOPSHOP
Brown leather shoulder bag, Mulberry
Brogues, were my great-grandmother's
Red scarf- grandmother's scart box

Love Ella.


  1. omgosh yay i can finally see your lovely blog hehe. the fog was actually so mesmerising today! and your shirt <3 <3

  2. kooky


  3. wow, you look amazing!!!<3