11 December 2011

holy glimmers

The day we put our christmas tree up is one of my favourite days- tacky christmas anthems blaring away in the background as the multiple boxes full with decorations are dusted off and their contents rediscovered. I love finding all the odd, pretty little angels and suchlike that have been acquired over the years or passed down through the family, and spreading 'angel hair' over the lights so that it looks all shimmery and magical.

Lights, that's another thing I love about christmas. I bought a set of red ones in the 99p shop the other day for my beautiful mini black tree in my room; they create an amazing fiery glow and just make me so happy. Christmas really does make me so happy. Just 14 more sleeps!

Love Ella.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog hun! We still haven't put our tree up these pictures are making me jealous. You have a lovely blog by the way xx