11 December 2011

star gazing

lace beading sparkle shimmer reflections intricacy daisies textural delicate

silky ripple smooth shadows soft highlights velvet deep

Blue velvet jacket, Cacharel
Beaded top, TOPSHOP
Velvet skirt, self-made
Patterned tights, ASOS
Scarf, grandmother's
Wedges, Carvela Kurt Geiger

This is what I wore to my friend's party the other night. I think this jacket is absolutely gorgeous; the texture is so beautifully soft and velvety, and the colour so breathtakingly deep. It sort of reminds me of when you look up into the sky in the summer and you feel like you're looking right up into space because its so dark and goes on forever.

Night sky, that's what this outfit seems a bit like to me. With the bright, rich gold penetrating the blue like stars. I love stars.

I made this skirt over the past week, I have really wanted a simply velvet skirt for ages but anything I find seems to be extortionately over-priced and not quite right. I went to buy fabric, and fell in love with the gold because of all the different shades that come out in the light- simply magical. Like Christmas (I am ridiculously excited; post to come!)

I didn't think the two velvets would work together, but I actually think it looks kind of interesting with the very different colours, broken up by the intricacy of the beaded top and the geometric pattern on the tights.

Love Ella.


  1. omgosh how on EARTH did you make that?!! crazyyy love it, such a beauetiful colour!

  2. Thanks for the comment!
    I love those tights!!